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West Gold Mining is a family owned and operated company engaged in the exploration and recovery of gold and the acquisition of gold mining claims and leases on the US West Coast and North Queensland, Australia. Our dredging equipment, engineered and designed by experts in fluid dynamics and refined by various demands encountered in the field, allows us to conduct mining operations in difficult to reach areas that prohibit the use of bulkier, more traditional methods. With over 30 years of experience in many rivers and different types of terrain on two continents, and several pounds of recovered gold behind us, we're confident our past success indicates a steady supply of new gold discoveries in our future. And, having moved from a low of 252.80 USD in 2001 to a record high of nearly 2000.00 USD this year,
Gold gives us the motivation...

We are currently developing an investment opportunity which will allow those interested in investing in gold explorations to become valued members of our team. A few reasons why investing in our operation is a good proposition:

Low Overhead
Field tested equipment
2 claims, more prospects
Geographical diversification/AUD:USD Currency Hedge

8/18/2008: We're in the field at the moment. Please check back soon for our latest catch of beautiful Australian Gold for sale.



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